The trust factor


We really take pride in the fact that people tell us how they can ‘trust us’ with their computer and with the $$$ of the job. We often forget how big of a deal it can be for someone to bring in their computer to us, leave it with us and be sure that when they get it back all their data is safe and sound. Most of us use our computers for family photos and vital business, this means that when you hand over your computer to be repaired or cleaned up, you are also handing over the first photos of your first born, important emails that you’ve been keeping for the past 2 years and your invoicing system that is all up to date, and often, the only copy!

It can take a long time to build up that type of trust relationship with clients and we appreciate that you choose us and trust us enough to help you out.

Quite often we will see a computer with a failing hard drive and our main priority becomes saving your data IMMEDIATELY. We would hate for our clients to lose any data and by creating a clone of your current hard drive we can ensure that any changes we make to your computer or any stress that we may put the hard drive under while we are cleaning it up won’t be the cause of your data loss.

If you are looking for a local computer repairer to put your trust into, give us a go! We would love to help you out and help you rest easy knowing that your data privacy is something we can guarantee!


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