Christmas holidays…. WOO HOO


Steve and Siân wish you a safe and happy Christmas! We hope 2017 is a good year for you!
This year we will be closed from Friday the 23rd of December and open again on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2017. We have already booked PCs in for servicing up to Christmas and in the first week of January. If you would like to book your PC in to make sure you get it back the same day call us on 54771559 or email us at 

What we can expect in 2017…

Solid State Drives
We’re expecting that next year Solid State Drives will become a lot more popular. These ultra fast drives are changing the way we build computers. The old idea was that more RAM would help speed up your computer, now that Solid State Drives(SSD) are around we can increase the performance of a computer dramatically by replacing the standard Hard Drive with a SSD. We are hoping to see the price of the 500GB and 1TB drop a fair bit, making the larger capacity drives a much more affordable upgrade.



Lots of Ransomware
You may have noticed an increase in fake AGL, Australia POST & ATO emails with ZIP or DOC attachments. A lot of people have been caught with this but we still only see a few cases a month. The naughty nerds out there creating these encryption viruses are getting better and cheekier so we do expect to see a lot more people caught in the next year. To avoid losing your data to these nasty viruses make sure you are running regular backups, unplugging the back up drive and not running a back up if your computer seems unhealthy. We are always here to help and are happy to advise you on whether an email is legitimate or not. If you are unsure about an email, don’t click on any links listed in the email and do not open the attachment. Simply call us and we can help determine if it is safe or not.



Summer storms can mean a new modem

With the last few storms we had a increase in sales of modems! Good for us… but not great for our customers. There is a misconception that simply turning the power point off will stop your ADSL modem being damaged from storm surge. Thunderstorms wreak havoc with phone lines and can kill your modem through the phone line. Always remember when a thunderstorm is on its way to unplug the phone line to the modem. Most modems we sell have a 3 year manufacturers warranty, this does not apply however if the modem is ‘smoking’ after a storm! 😛

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