Beeeeep beeeep beeeep

No, it’s not a truck backing up, it’s the sound of your computer when it doesn’t pass the ‘POST’

POST = Power-on self-test

The power-on self-test is the computers way of checking all the components it needs to start up are healthy and ready to go. This is performed the moment after you press the power button and when you have a successful POST you have one little ‘beep’ followed by a picture on the screen.

When your computer fails this test, it will not bring up a picture on the screen and will start a very irritating, repetitive beeping sequence.

As dramatic as this all sounds and as stressful as it is at the time it is something we can absolutely fix.

It usually doesn’t take too long and including a full service you can have the computer back later that day!

Of course, you can avoid failing a power-on self-test by having your computer serviced once a year. We clean-out the dust and test the hardware to help avoid those annoying, unplanned issues that computers are so well known for!

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